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Top 30+ Free Directory Submission Site List

Directory submission is another off-page SEO aspect that plays an important role in site ranking and organic traffic so here is the top highly domain authoritative and page-ranked directory submission site list.

Getting links from high-quality Industry relevant web directories for local as well as global businesses’ products and services is one of the best off-page SEO practices to get high traffic and boosted rank for the website. It is one of the best-overlooked techniques in modern off-page SEO when it comes to a directory submission site list.

What Is Directory Submission?

Directory submission is the process of submitting a website to a particular web category or Directory. As you know every business has its web presence, and will definitely have a particular category. You can optimize on-site content using on-page SEO and can easily categorize them, but the web is so gigantic and its information is also categorized.

It is very important to submit your website to a suitable web directory. So the web directory submission comes into action which helps you to add a website to the proper web directory. That’s why a directory submission site list is needed. Below is the list of 20 directory submission sites are given.

Top 20 Directory Submission Sites List 2022

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Free Directory Submission Sites List For Business

Directory submission is one of the best off-page SEO techniques and social media optimization to share information. When you choose to build links for a website from web directories, only select those directories that have good domain authority and the lowest spam score. By submitting your website to a free website submission directory, you can easily get more referenced backlinks and diverted traffic for your website without paying for it. Let’s discuss more web directory submission sites for off-page SEO.

Free Directory Submission Site List

S No.DirectoryDA

What Are The Types Of Directory Submission?

Directories are a type of website that is utilized for their information. It is the practice of adding the site to say. By the title, you can find any number in the phone directory. Just like this, you can locate data and any business about business. There are many types of directory submissions which are discussed below.

Free Directory Submission

You don’t need to pay for free web directory submission but there is no guarantee that you will get a ppproved link from the administrator since it will consume a lot of time.

For paid directory submission, you need to pay little money to the administrator to list your website in the web directories. Paid directory submission listing approved in 24 hours. And there is a 100% guarantee of getting a do-follow backlink. There are so many directory submission sites that provided paid listing and offer yearly and lifetime packages.

Regular Directory Submission

It is also known as reciprocal directory submission. Regular directroy submission requires a reciprocal link on your website and the administrator approves it. And you will only get listed then.

Auto Directory Submission

You can use tools and software to do automatic directory submissions. you can use IMTalk for auto directory submission. Just put your basic site info such as title and URL and all done.

No-Follow Directory Submission

No-follow directory submission will not help you to rank in search engines but will make you maintain link diversity on your website. This is not the recommended directory submission. And you should consider the no-follow directory submission in any type of directory submission method.

Do-Follow Directory Submission

Do-follow directory submission will get you a do-follow backlink to your website. Do-follow backlinks are very helpful in indexing and ranking and are always considered by search engines. Getting a do-follow backlink from directory submission will increase your website traffic, build authority, and increase page rank.

Niche Directory Submission

Niche directory submission involves the process of adding your website to the subcategories. It includes blogs, RRS feed, software, scripts, and web designs.

The increased frequency of links on your website will increase the visibility of the site in search. Search engines like Google regularly visit your website, which creates value for your website as the search ranking of your website increased with directory submission.

What Are The Benefits Of Directory Submission?

With directory submission, you can boost the link-building results to see an improvement in the overall SEO of a website. Your website is submitted to another website via these directories. To give you a clear view of the directory submission concept, we have an example if you own a blog that has technical content on it then you would submit it to a science and technology directory which is a great way to gain backlinks for high-ranking websites. In simple words, web directories are nearly the same as phone directories.

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Your website will definitely get the needed indexed exposure when you list your website in the top web directories. Directory submission is a great way to build links to your website and boost your search engine ranking.

Increase Link Popularity

Submitting your website to web categories using a directory submission site list will get you high-quality backlinks. and this is one of the main reasons to make directory submissions. The more backlinks you get larger the chances to consider your website for search engines.

Link building is a direct off-page SEO technique but make sure to pick high DA and page-rank sites from the directory submission site list to submit your website. To give you link diversity, a free directory submission site list is beneficial.

Indexing Of Blog Post And Pages

Categories information is easy to look up and that directory submission will do. You will definitely get search engine ranking and indexing by submitting your website to web directories. your website will be excited to index in the search engines when you are submitting the website to web directories.

Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Directory submission process required to submit your website meta information such as meta title, meta description, meta keywords, and meta tags. All this information is used by the search engine to index and lists your website in the search results. If you provide this meta information correctly then your website gets listed in the search engines. If your site doesn’t appear in the search result, directory sites will send a targeted audience to your website.

Internal Link Tagging

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