What Is Testimonial Link Building

What Is Testimonial Link Building And Its Importance

In this analytical age, brands are competing with each other on very small details. Creating campaigns targeting the right demographic and keyword, coming up with effective CTAs, and all those trifles. However, amongst all that, there is an element that cannot be measured using an existing tool. That’s where testimonial link-building comes into play. Testimonials posted on websites for products or services you are using can help you to get a quality backlink from their home page.

Words from customers can break all the efforts brands put into their campaigns. You may be a brand and can do everything right but a negative experience by customers can create a negative impact on brand equity that can be hard to shed. In the same way, positive experiences by customers boost your sales many folds. That’s why testimonial link-building seems to be a great way to harness the strength of positive experiences of customers.

What Is Testimonial Link Building?

Testimonial link building is said to be the process of posting a positive comment about a product or service that you have used, on the owner’s website. At its core, testimonial link building is meant to provide genuine positive comments for website owners in exchange for a link. Testimonials are just similar to product or service reviews and it helps brands grow and gain brand recognition. 

How To Do Testimonial Link Building?

The process of creating a testimonials link is very simple that follows some easy steps. Before going further, keep in mind relevance is the key. Always try to be unique and honest in your testimonial and do not try to approach brands from which you have used something that is not relevant to your blog. Follow the simple steps to create testimonial links mentioned below.

  • Create a targeted list of products or services.
  • Find the contact information for each of them.
  • Pitch them with your testimonial or positive experience.
  • Write the testimonials themselves.
  • If possible back up your testimonial with a video.

What Is The Importance of Testimonials Links?

Testimonials links are Tier-1 backlinks that give the same advantage as a good quality backlink. Testimonials are posted on high-authority websites so the link created will be of good quality and very authoritative. Testimonials build trust between brands and customers and spread awareness.