Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Top 10 SEO Mistakes On Website That Are Ruining Your Traffic

Did You Know That You’re Doing SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Traffic? Today I’m Gonna Break Down 10 SEO Mistakes On Your Website That are Ruining Your Traffic And How To Renew This Today? There Are So Many SEO Mistakes That Should Be Kept In Mind While Writing Your Blog Post And Developing a Website. From Local SEO To Technical SEO All The Expects For Better Ranking And Indexing These SEO Mistakes Should Be Followed. I Have shared the Most Important Top 10 SEO Mistakes Or You Can Say Errors That Are Living Behind And Causing Your Website Traffic To Down.

#1 Forgotten Noindex Tags

If You Ever Have Anything On Your Pages In The Header That Just Tells Google Hey Don’t Index This Page And You’re Wondering Why This Page Not Getting Any Traffic. It Could Be Because You Have Noindex Tag And Even If You Didn’t Add Them Manually What You’ll Find Is A Lot Of The Platforms Out There From WordPress To Some Of The Ecommerce Platforms Out There Usually,

You Can Noindex Pages With Literally A Click Of A Button Or A Check Mark And Someone On Your Team May Have Done It Intentionally. It Can Be Hurting Your Topic So Double Check On Your Top Pages That You Think You Should Get Traffic And Make Sure It Lines Up With What’s Really Happening.

#2 Thin Content

if You Write A Lot Of Thin Content You’re Not Going To Rank Well. there Are Over A Billion Blogs On The Web. Google Has Prime Pickings Of Content. They’re Not Struggling To Figure Out What Content That They Should End Up Ranking.

What They Want To Do Is Rank The Good Stuff And Ignore The Crime. If You Have Thin Content Unless You’re Writing Articles On How To Tie A Tie Which So Should Be Images Animated GIF’s Or Videos, Unless Your Content Around Topics Like That, The Chances Are, Thin Content Is Not Going To Do Well For You.

It Doesn’t Mean That You Need 2000 Word Articles Or Even 3000 Or 5000 Word Articles. More So You Just Need To Make Sure That You’re Covering Every Single Aspect Of The Article That Help Someone Get What They Need. If You’re Not Doing That Then Your Content Is Thin.

It Is Not About Length It’s About The Value That You’re Providing. If You Can Dump 500 Words Then You’re Good. If You Can Do That In 2000 Words Then You’re Good And If It Takes 5100 Words That’s Fine As Well But The Key Is To Be Super Thorough.

#3 Excessive Text-Rich Internal Links

The Third One Is Excessive Anchor Text-Rich Internal Links, Especially From An Internal Basis. So Years Ago When I Started SEO And I Wanted To Rank For Terms Like “Online Marketing” I Would Take A Lot Of My Other Pages And Just Use The Text “Online Marketing” Link To The Online Marketing Page That I Wanted To Rank Higher. But If All Your Pages Have The Same Anchor Text The Term “Online Marking” Or Whatever Term You Are Try To Go After.

What Do You Think It Tells Google? “Hey, This Is Not Natural” Why Would Every Single Link Internally And Even Externally Have The Same Anchor Text? It Shouldn’t, It Needs To Be Natural, Some Of Your Anchor Texts Will Say “Click Here”, or “Learn More” They May Even Say Other Words Like “Digital Marking” Which Are Related To Online Marketing. It Needs To Be Natural Whatever Is Best For The User.

#4 High-Resolution Non-Compressed Images

You Don’t Need To Include High-Resolution Non-Compressed Images In Your Website. High-Resolution Images Are Great But If They’re Not Compressed You’re Not Going To Do As Well From Google Image Search. Image Search Can Drive So Much Traffic, Especially For Industries Like Travel. So If You’re Not Leveraging That You’re Missing Out. So Make Sure You Have High-Resolution Images. high Quality But They’re Compressed from File Size Standpoint. That Will Help With Your Rankings.

#5 Irrelevant And Intrusive Pop-Up Ads

If You Have Pop-Up Throughout Your Whole Site And It Ruins The Experience, You’re Not Going To Do As Well, On My Site, I Have Pop-Ups You Probably Like Hey Adsenable, You Have Pop-Ups.

If The Pop-Ups Provides Value And They’re Getting More Value Than The Intrusion Effect That You’re Causing, You’re Good To Go. But If It Doesn’t And It Just Ads, And Something That Ruins The Experience And Doesn’t Provide Value You Have Got A Issue And May Want To Reconsider Pop-Ups? Either Remove Them Or Try To Provide Way More Value.

#6 Pages with Errors

The 6 Thing Is Pages With Errors Whether They’re 4xx Errors Or 5xx Errors, Make Sure You Fix Them As Soon As Possible. You Can Use Any Online SEO Audit Tool Like Ubersiggest, Ahref, And Moz To Get The Audit Report. Once You Have Got The Errors, Then You Can Move To Fix Them. There Are Some Basic Errors Which Are Listed Below.

  • Orphan Pages.
  • Broken Links.
  • Links To Broken Page.
  • Broken JavaScript.
  • The page Have Broken JavaScript.
  • The page Have Broken CSS.
  • Destination Timeout.
  • Title Tag Or Meta Tag, Or Meta Description Missing.
  • Loop Redirect.

#7 Redirect Loops

A Lot Of Times You Are Going To Remove Old Pages Or Consolidate Content, And You Going To Use 301 Redirects. But When You Do These 301 Redirects, What Happens With A Lot Of Businesses The Will Redirect One Page To Another And Then That Page Eventually Will Delete And Then be Redirected Back To Another Page Or Back To The Original Page.

So Then You Just Have 301 Redirect Loop And You Don’t Want That. This Is Going To Hurt Your Traffic. So Anytime You Do 301 Redirect, Make Sure They Are Not In Loops.

And Don’t Do 301 Redirects To URLs That Are Redirecting To Another URL. Just Make Them Go Straight To The Last URL That You Redirecting People With, And If You Have To Update All Your Old 301 Redirects, Make Sure You Do That.

#8 Orphan Pages

Orphan Pages Are The Pages That Don’t Get Linked Anywhere Internally. You Can Have The Most Amazing Piece Of Content But If No One Knows About It, It Doesn’t Matter, You’re Not Gonna Get Any Rankings From It. So Just Make Sure That Your Interlinking Relevant Pages To Your Amazing Content. You Don’t Want Orphan Pages.

If You Do That What You Will Find Is, You All This Time, Money Creating This Content, Making It So Beautiful And Visually Appearing And Then No One Ends Up Seeing It. So Make Sure You Add Internal Links. On My Team What, We Do Is, When We Publish New Content.

We Link It To Three Old Pieces Of Content With The Most Relevant Ones. Sometimes You Can Do Three, Sometimes Only One Link Or 2 Links, But By Doing That We’re Ensuring That Our New Content Also Ranks Really Well.

#9 Links To Redirected Pages

The Next Most Important Thing To Avoid On The Website Is Links To Redirected Pages. when You Have Internal Links And Those Pages Are Redirecting, You Have To Fix Them. Change Those Old Internal Links And Link Them To The Right Place. Your Internal Links Should Not Be Going Redirected. So Anytime You Add 301 Or 302 Redirects, Change Up The Internal Links.

#10 Internal Broken Links

Internal Broken Links This Is The Last One Left. Look As Your Website Gets Older, Your Business Gets More Established, and You’re Gonna Have Broken Links. This Is Natural, Everyone Does, Just Make Sure You Clean Them Out Once A Quarter, That’s What We Do. You Can Use Tools Like Uber Suggest, Ahref, And Moz To Find Out The Internal Broken Links And Fix Them.

10 SEO Mistakes On Blog Getting Down Traffic

So We Are At The Conclusion of The Blog Post Or What We Have Already Talked About SEO Mistakes. We Have Discussed Here Fogotted Noindex Tags, Poor Quality Content, Excessive Text-Rich Internal Links, Non-Compressed Images And Media, Redirects And Loops, And Some About Internal Broken Links.

All These Facts Are So Important For Your Site Health. Site Health Is One Of The Most Causing Element In Developing User Page Experience And Also In Ranking. Look Content Is The King. Along With High-Quality Content And Good Site Health, It Is Better To Get High Traffic And Ranking In Google. So Focus Your Most Time On Quality Instead Wasting Your Time On Writing 2000, 3000 Word Articles.

Internal Link Tagging

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